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(A)  Demand Letter:

The employers willing to use the services of Nissan & Brother for employment of Bangladeshi personnel may establish direct contact. To take quick action on the Demand Letter it is necessary to state the type of workers required, nature of work, number of workers required, basic wages/salary, duty hours, over-time allowances, qualifications and experience required, duration of services contract , medical treatment, insurance and other terms and conditions of service and benefits the employer would like to offer to the workers like food, accommodation, joining air-ticket etc.


(B)   Power of Attorney :

After final selection, for completion of local government formalities and if the country to which the workers will travel has an Embassy in Bangladesh, will apply for visas for selected candidates for which Power of Attorney is required .


(C) Visa Advice / N.O.C / Work Permit:

If there is no Embassy in Bangladesh, it is the responsibility of the employer to apply for visa or other permits needed to enter the country of employment. Documents granting permission of the competent authority for employment of Bangladeshi workers in that country i.e. Visa Advice/N.O.C/Work Permit should be sent to Bangladesh, Nissan & Brother


(D)  Employment Contract:

Individual Employment Contract in English should be sent to Bangladesh,  Nissan & Brother