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As an International Recruiting Company M/S Nissan & Brother RL-1452. is well equipped with workforce who are highly Qualified, Experienced and Promised to Perform National Responsibility with the ethics of Providing Right Workers with Prompt Service and dedication.

Our Chairman, Mr. Uttom Kumar Aice is a Master Degree holder from Chittagong University with Law Graduate and has 30 (Thirty) years of experience in Visa, Ticket, Passport Overseas employment processing in Government organizations. The only State-owned manpower exporting organization in Bangladesh,

Our General Manager Mr. Jashim Uddin (salim) is a Master Degree holder from Chittagong Islamic University with Humanities  Graduate and has 12 (Twelve) years of experience in Overseas Employment Processing in the Abroad. As a United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, a lot of Countries he has Exported Workers.  Nissan & Brother is a manpower exporting organization in Bangladesh.

Due to his capabilities in promoting manpower market , procurement of manpower demand, recruitment & processing , planning , team work , head hunting & selection of process of right workers , honesty , dedication to nation and valued foreign employers , promptness , determination of maintaining employers schedule , depth knowledge on trades Government of Bangladesh was satisfied & gradually promoted to the position of General Manager . His qualities helped the Government of Bangladesh to implement the recruitment of many big volume of both foreign Government & private organizations. He personally handled and led teams for implementation of  Government to Government  protocols for manpower recruitment from Bangladesh , like 3000 workers for Qatar in the sectors of   Construction & M E P, Agriculture , Heavy Engineering , Technical Education, Health , Hospitality , Transport etc. ,2000 factory, construction , engineering & plantation workers for Malaysia , 7000 general workers for South Korea under EPS-KLT system.. In his career he handled recruitment of all categories of un-skilled , skilled and Professional manpower of all the sectors including Construction & M E P , Oil & Gas , Shipbuilding & Ship Repair , Steel Structure , Garments , Hospitality , Health , Transport , Industry , Marine , Agriculture & many other sectors for the valued employers of all Middle-eastern countries , Poland , Kenya , Botswana , Zimbabwe , Male , Pakistan , Maldives , Singapore , Malaysia , Brunei Darussalam , South Korea , U.S.A , Canada etc. He possesses all the qualities which are desire of our valued foreign employers. His performance was appreciated by the Government as well as by the foreign employers which encouraged many reputed foreign.

The other personnel handling foreign employment matters are also long experienced and matured as per requirement of present attitude and desire of the foreign employers. Company Directors, a group of energetic Engineers and Business Professionals are assisting our Managing Director for making recruitment a success of each employer and of each worker. By combining seasoned recruitment professionals and cutting-edge recruitment technologies and techniques, our Company can generate a shortlist of highly qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. This ensures matching the most suitable candidates for the required job opening. This is our commitment to the valued foreign employers and assurance to the job seekers.

Like Chairman, our recruitment professionals have also extensive expertise and experience in the respective industries and business disciplines. This also allows us to provide high quality candidates for a wide range of positions and assures that the qualifications of each candidate are thoroughly evaluated by a recruitment professional with experience in the candidate's area of specialization. Put simply, we make able our foreign clients to find, hire and keep only the best Employees.

If you are looking for a trusted and responsible recruitment Company to assist you for recruitment of Bangladeshi manpower to equip your project efficiently, Bangladesh Human Resources Development and Placement Centre Limited is always ready to serve at a short notice. Not for once, we believe in long term relationship by providing right type of workers within the Right time of value forging employer we ensure the following service:

  1. We prefer selection of workers by the employer's representative directly. But, if any employer desires that we should do so, in that case we make selection of workers by a committee of experts through proper interview / practical test with repatriation guarantee if any workers found unsuitable on arrival at the working Place
  2. We have modern trade testing center where we provide all logistics including trade testing facility to the employer's representative for selecting right type of workers through proper test without any interface.
  3. We place sufficient number of pre-selected candidates before the recruiting delegation to find out required manpower at a short possible time.
  4. We always ensure supply of Qualified and Medically fit Workers.
  5. We ensure supply of workers within the time schedule given by the employer.
  6. We arrange all possible logistics and support to make our honorable recruiting delegates stay in Bangladesh Comfortable and Enjoyable.

Valued foreign employers may kindly utilize our services for recruitment of any category of Bangladeshi workers for any of your project in the world. A list of major foreign employers is appended below whose recruitment was handled and supervised by our Chairman in his career in the Bangladesh Government Organizations