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Regal Travel & Consultancy
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Regal Travel Tours & Consultant you can Expect many kinds of Services. We Provide Services for any kind of Travel in and out of the Country -


(A) All air Tickets are Available at National or Abroad.


(B) Passport making and any Assistance Related to Passport is Assisted by our Experienced Officer.


(C) Visit Visa to any Country in the World is Provided by our Experienced Officer.


(D) Group Tours National or Abroad at Very Low Cost, as well as Services Provided by our Guide Line.


(F) Before Dealing with Embassy for a Visit visa, we Teach Answers to many small Questions.


(G) Our helpline is kept open for 24 hours for Air Tickets. So at any time, we Provide Air Tickets of any Kind, with very  Little Precision, at very low Cost.


(H) You can Pick up Tickets from any part of the World by Online.

   Best of all, Everyone Will Come to our office and Invited to you thank him.